“As Health Coaches we have the opportunity to forge relationships with people we would have otherwise never known, and personally walk alongside those who are seeking something different, something real, and something that works. We have witnessed, on a very personal level, lives being changed for the better, and there’s just no better feeling in the world.”

Our story hasn’t always involved living a HEALTHY, OPTIMAL lifestyle.

Like the average American family, we would work 10-hour days, rush home to prepare dinner for our growing family, and attempt to cram a full day’s worth of family time into the few hours remaining in the evening once chores and homework were completed. Our weekends were meant for “catching up” on whatever it felt like we missed out on during the week, and EVERYTHING was centered around food.


We settled into a routine in which it became normal to experience low energy, poor sleep, and constantly battle all the extra baggage that comes with preparing and eating the simplest and quickest meal we could find, and soon found ourselves overweight, unhappy, and worst of all, limited in the things we could do with our children because of the life we allowed ourselves to settle for. Over the years we slowly forget how GREAT our bodies were designed to feel.


After many years of living a less-than-optimal life, we decided it was finally time to make ourselves and our health a priority, after all, if we were leading unhealthy lives, what were we teaching our children? What did it tell them about what their priorities should be? And if we became ill as a result of the unhealthy environments we had created within our bodies, we wouldn’t be able to care for ourselves, much less our children. They deserve better than that.


One step at a time we began implementing healthy habits; basic, simple habits we could sustain for the rest of our lives that would change the way we viewed food. To our surprise-the weight began to melt away.


Together, we lost 64lbs, and have vowed it would never come back.


It was then we decided it was time to turn our focus outward toward those we know and love, and begin helping them do the same.


Today we coach hundreds of clients across the nation, and have impacted thousands of lives through our personal, hands-on approach to health and wellness coaching.